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Good Morning/Good Afternoon/Good evening my little Content Clique,

It’s your Content Confidante here. Today we talking all thinks REBRAND.

Deciding to rebrand is always a challenging notion. Have you changed? Has your message changed? Has your target audience changed? Is your current branding not up to your expectations? These are all necessary questions when figuring out whether it’s time to revamp your brand presence…

Something you may have noticed, is that your Content Confidante just went through a little rebranding of herself

Some key characteristics to point out:

Her brand colors are stronger and more aesthetically pleasing, her website is up to date with new content and design, and she is shifting our messaging and making it more transparent for our amazing customers; and YES IT FEELS SO REFRESHING.

I realized that sometimes when people are thinking about a rebrand, they don’t know where to start. So we wanted to give you the key to a successful rebrand:


Invest in a Professional

Hiring a professional designer, will save you so much time that could’ve been spent on actually managing your business. If you are really wanting to emphasize a rebrand, you have to make sure that it lives up to the hype. Hiring a professional will be so useful, you will save so much time having to reiterate your brand concept. For instance, we create downloadable resources that you can refer to through the duration of your business; such as brand guidelines, logos, icons, anything that will help you and your team navigate your new brand.


Focus on your “Why”

If you don’t know why you started, you probably need to rethink your venture. Knowing your “why” is how you relate to your target audience. People want to feel like you SEE them, not how they feel when they see you. If you are struggling to create a concise version of your why that makes sense for you audience…I suggest journaling all of the reasons you started and how you want to help people. This is a good way to organize your thoughts and figure out the best way to convey yourself and your brand.


Avoid Comparison

Every business is different. Don’t change your feed, logos, brand colors, or identity just because you see another brand doing something different than you. Every brand has their own mission and identity. Stay focused on your brand, but most importantly your audience because that is what matters the most. Every business attracts different types of clients and you want to stay true to the people you want to serve.


Analyze your Results

Make sure to analyze your results. Are you attracting the audience you want? Remember, the goal of branding is not to attract everyone; it’s to attract the right people that resonate with you and your brand. Seeing improvements or areas that need adjusting in your rebrand can easily be fixed, so it’s nothing to stress over if you want to make adjustments here and there. Your audience is always changing and growing, you have to make sure that you are reaching their expectations and delivering the best possible content.